• “This was awesome! It was by far the most unbelievable squash experience ever!” — P.H.
  • “Coach leGassick, I wanted to thank you for a great two weeks. I learned a lot and know my game has improved as a result. I also enjoyed Edinburgh and all the activities. St. Andrews was incredible.....” — R.Z.
  • “Stuart, thank you for organizing the camp and offering this opportunity to our children. It sounds like it has been a great success! Ali described the first week enthusiastically, as having strong competition and intense drilling..............Again, thank you for giving our children this great experience.”  — L.Z.
  • “THANK YOU for providing Player with such an incredible experience. It really was 'THE BEST!'” — B.H.
  • “Stuart, M. returned from her two weeks in Scotland...a different young woman. Her passion for the game of squash was brought to a completely new level. She conquered her initial insecurity about being among so many talented young players and realized that she has the ability to compete at a higher level than she had imagined. The relationships that she developed with players from many different countries and backgrounds was invaluable to her growth as a sensitive and responsible citizen. And, last but not least, she felt that she learned so much by being able to see some of Scotland with you. I have sent my children to many summer sports venues over the years. M. has attended squash programs... (in the USA) ...but this program forced her to test herself and grow in ways she had not imagined. It was the best and most meaningful two weeks that she has ever spent. My husband and I are grateful and appreciative of the program that you created and just wanted to say "thank you".”  — All our best, D. and P.H.
  • I would once again like to thank you for an amazing time in Edinburgh. The camp was like no other and I really appreciate all your work. It was an amazing experience to work with Roger and the Scottish team.  MM
  • “Stuart, ..........to say thank you for the amazing experience in Scotland. ........... how much fun I had and how much I improved. I immensely enjoyed the camp, especially the coaching and training. I am sure that no other trip I could have taken would have been quite as intense, which I am grateful for. I loved the fact that there was so much squash, ......... I feel that I vastly improved during those two weeks, ............. I also enjoyed the activities in Edinburgh. Never having been to Scotland, it was awesome to see St. Andrew's, the Edinburgh Castle, and the National Gallery! I had a truly wonderful time and would eagerly recommend this trip to anyone serious about squash. Thank you so much for the opportunity to participate in such a fun learning experience!”  — L.S.
  • I wanted to take a moment and thank you so much for yet another exceptional experience at your Le Gassick Squash Camp in Edinburgh.  Once again, the training that you provide at your camp is truly in a league of its own. C.G.