Adult Squash Camp @ Portsmouth Abbey, RI
June 22/23,  2013

Camp Benefits

This is a great opportunity to train with Scottish National Coach Roger Flynn and Assistant Scottish National Coach Stuart Crawford and raise your game to the next level. You will:

  • Learn what perfect length is and how to hit to it consistently
  • See how the top players develop their games and train for peak performance
  • Find out the best way to prepare for an important game – mentally, physically and nutritionally
  • Learn how to tap into your previous experiences to optimize your performance
  • With limited spare time for yourself, see how to train and practice smart so that you win those big games
  • Understand the sports science behind the best coaching, practice and training methods

Skill Cards
Instruction Cards you will receive as a bonus to review what you've learned in camp

Top world players Roger and Paul have coached

  • Sarah Fitz-Gerald (5-Times World Champion and ex-World No.1)
  • John White (ex-World No.1)
  • Vanessa Atkinson (World Champion and ex-World No.1)
  • Carol Owens (World Champion and ex-World No.1)
  • Anthony Hill (ex-World No.4)
  • Paul Price (World Hardball Doubles Champion and ex-World No.4)
  • Cameron White (World Men's Doubles Champion)
  • Dianne Desira (World Mixed Doubles Champion)
  • any many others.

Coaching background

Roger Flynn has his Graduate Diploma in Elite Sports Coaching, an extensive playing background (semi-finalist in the British Amateur) with the likes of Geoff Hunt, Jahangir Khan; Roger was the Head Squash Coach at the renowned Victorian Institute of Sport in Melbourne, Australia and is currently the Scottish Squash National Coach based in Edinburgh.

Stuart Crawford is the assistant Scottish National Coach.  Alan Clyne, presently the world #28 - and coached by Roger Flynn, will be coaching too.

Roger Flynn and Stuart Crawford both have extensive backgrounds in working with beginners, both young and old, with players of all standards who want to improve their game and have run camps in RI  and in many other countries too for many years.

Camp Information

  • For 18 year olds (and older) adult squash players.
  • Portsmouth Abbey School, Portsmouth  RI. 
  • June 22-23, 2013
  • Cost per player - $450.00

Camp Goals

If you play squash and want to learn how to improve - this is the camp for you! The Scottish National Coach Roger Flynn and his staff are running the weekend camp at Portsmouth Abbey. They are very experienced and will take your game to another level.  23 year Ivy League Coach Stuart le Gassick will oversee the camp along with other top coaches.


Roger Flynn: The Scottish National Coach is regarded as one of the leading and most innovative squash coaches in the world.
Stuart Crawford: Assistant Scottish National  Coach.
Alan Clyne:
World #28 and Scottish #1.
Stuart le Gassick: Brown University Head Coach.


Comfort Inn At Atlantic Beach 

28 Aquidneck Avenue, Middletown, RI, US, 02842

  • Phone: (401) 619-2800
  • Fax: (401) 619-2814

Camp Deposit

Please make checks payable to 'le Gassicksquash llc'.  Further information, directions, and final details will be mailed/e-mailed one month prior to the start of camp.


The start of the camp is 9am on Saturday, June 22nd  at the Dom Bede Gorman Squash Center at Portsmouth Abbey, Portsmouth,  RI. The Saturday session is 9am to 5pm. Sunday 9am-Noon.